Thursday, July 1, 2010

Establishing Wholesome Relationship with Family

Socializing in groups will provide a teenager opportunity to understand the opposite sex better which are normal indications of social growth. in having fun together, girls get to know many boys better and such opportunities will enable them to gain self-confidence and be at ease with the opposite sex.
In both the urban and rural areas, the most awaited event are the acquaintance party, Junior and Senior Prom, picnics and outings and other activities sponsored by organizations which provide opportunity for having a good time and enjoying each others company.

As young people begin to show special interest among each other, some customs or norms of conduct are to be practiced as a way of gaining the girl's family approval.Parents are responsible for teenagers until they are independent enough to marry. Both boys and girls should have the understanding that we parents should be informed or consulted of their plans. Responsible teenagers will make it an obligation to tell parents where they are going and what time they are coming back.

boys should be aware that many girls family are simply over protective. This is true in the provinces where families are still very conservative in bringing up their children. If only to show respect and establish good rapport, boys and girls must not misinterpret parent's asking about their affairs but, must take this as gesture of genuine concern and love rather than interference.

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