Friday, July 23, 2010

Differences Between Love and Infatuation

Love is develops slowly and growth requires time.
2 .Produces security
3. Recognizes reality
4. Selfless
5. Brings approval of family and friends
6. Recognizes faults
7. Center on one person only
8. Motivates positive behavior
9. Survives separation and the absence makes the heart grow fonder
10. Recognizes the importance of compatibility
11. And it ends slowly.

While Infatuation is develops rapidly and hits suddenly
2. Produces insecurity
3. Ignores reality
4. Selfish
5. Brings disapproval
6. It also ignores faults
7. Involves several persons
8. Has a destructive effort and will cause you to forget the realities of life
9. Cannot survive separation and dies quickly once the object of affection is out of sight
10. Disregards compatibility
11. The last but not the least, it ends rapidly.

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