Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here, hopefully, is everything you wanted to know about hair coloring, but were afraid to ask.

If In have just straightened my hair or have just rebonded it, is it okay for me to have my hair colored after? what if I have just had my hair colored, how long after can I have it straightened or rebonded?
If you have just bad your hair straightened or rebonded, it is best to waith about 2-3 months before using permanent color -- and vice versa. If you absolutely cannot wait that long, you can use a demi-permanent hair color (such as Schwarzkopf's Igora Personality) which washes off over time, to get the color effect you want.

How long does the hair color last?
Permanent hair color lasts until the hair grows out. A demi-permanent hair color fades out after 16-20 shampoos.

When do I need to go back to the salon to retouched after about 2 months to prevent that awkward growth stage -- where the color of your roots will be noticeably different from the color of the rest of your hair. For white hair, retouching every month would work best.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reviewing Sentences and Expressions.

All the things the children said are utterances. Read these utterances found in the conversation.

Hi friends!
So nice to see you.
You bet.
I went to Bohol.
Thank you.

Utterances are speech sounds we produce when we talk. they follow a pattern or word order.
Are these utterances/ Why not?
1. Friends hi.
2. You see to nice so
3.Cebu to I went
4.You thank
5.Morning good Reyes Miss

There are two kinds of utterances, sentences and expressions.We use expressions more when talking than when writing. We use sentences more when we write than when we talk.
Study the following comparison of expressions and sentences.

1. How was your vacation? Answer: Expression- Fine-Sentence: It was a find vacation.
2. Where did you go? Answer: Expression- To Cebu.-Sentence: I went to Cebu.
3.How long did you stay there? Answer: Expression- Two months.-Sentence- I stayed there for two months.

In conversations with your friends, which one would you use to to answer the questions,expressions or sentences?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How much support is the child entitled to?

The amount depends on the child's need and the financial capacity of the parent. Support includes food, clothing, shelter, education, transportation, recreation, healthcare, etc.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Making Peace with the Enemy

What's the solution to this tug-of-war against time?
Many consultants recommend time management techniques. It's all a matter of allotting time for the things that are important to you. There's time for work, there's time for play, and then there's time for our family. Some say that time management is not the solution-managing our self is. They say we need to just conduct ourselves gracefully under pressure so as not to crack up. Still other say that self-management is not enough, what is needed is life management. We need to say the direction our lives are headed to be able to act according to our priorities, do we want to be successful career woman or a simple, loving mom that your children can look up to? I think these techniques can work, but then again, these may not.
These are two dimensional strategies, base entirely on time or life expectancy and the person's competencies. Consultants recommend tweaking either one to achieve the perfect order of things. But they forgot a third dimension that's often ignored and that is the person's paradigms.

The common paradigm is that we should strive for the perfect job, the dream home,and the ideal family. In doing so, we fly through life like super-moms and super-wives,and we don't realize that our super expectations are draining our life force. My belief is that we can never be super-anything ( except, maybe,super-tired) because as human beings, we can only strive for perfection but never attain it. this is not a defeatist attitude, it is only an acceptance of our natural imperfections.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tips on Buying Refrigerator

Buying a new refrigerator? Keep these tips on mind:

  • Check for plenty of storage space in the door area. You want to make sure that tall bottles will fit comfortably in the area.
  • Look for a fridge that has removable shelves to allow odd sized bottles and packages to fit in.
  • In this day and age, it is best to invest in a no-frost fridge. The time it will save you and your household help is definitely worth the extra cost.
  • Resist the urge to be impulsive. Take your time and choose a fridge that suits your lifestyle, the size of your family, and your budget. In other words, take time to compare until your are 100% sure you found the right fridge for you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

China-Asean Expo

Nanning, China - The giant is fully awake.

China, which went into economic isolation and slumber during the decades-long regime fo Mao Tsetung after the Second World War, has begun to flex its muscle. Hardly anyone doubts that already this nation with more than 1.3 billion people spread across 9.6 million square kilometers of real estate is on its way to becoming a true global superpower.

While the whole world continues to watch China with a newfound curiosity and fascination, China stares back with just as watchful, expectant eyes. Its government has extended broad and aggressive efforts to foster regional and global multilateral relationship, using its astounding foreign exchange reserves to not only buttress its coffers but also acquire more respect and prestige.

Indeed the whole nation, including its boondocks, is undergoing a massive transformation. For instance, Nanning, capital of the southern province of Guangxi, used to be just known for its lush green mountains, a back water to its more prosperous neighbor Guangdong (formerly Canton). But it has been the host of the China-Asean Exposition (Caexpo) for four years running and has established its presence as another major player in national development, alongside Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The Caexpo was first proposed by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao for the primary purpose of the China-Asean Free Trade Area (Cafta) and the resulting Cafta Agreement. It was immediately backed by the 10 Asean countries.