Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reviewing Sentences and Expressions.

All the things the children said are utterances. Read these utterances found in the conversation.

Hi friends!
So nice to see you.
You bet.
I went to Bohol.
Thank you.

Utterances are speech sounds we produce when we talk. they follow a pattern or word order.
Are these utterances/ Why not?
1. Friends hi.
2. You see to nice so
3.Cebu to I went
4.You thank
5.Morning good Reyes Miss

There are two kinds of utterances, sentences and expressions.We use expressions more when talking than when writing. We use sentences more when we write than when we talk.
Study the following comparison of expressions and sentences.

1. How was your vacation? Answer: Expression- Fine-Sentence: It was a find vacation.
2. Where did you go? Answer: Expression- To Cebu.-Sentence: I went to Cebu.
3.How long did you stay there? Answer: Expression- Two months.-Sentence- I stayed there for two months.

In conversations with your friends, which one would you use to to answer the questions,expressions or sentences?

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