Thursday, June 10, 2010

Making Peace with the Enemy

What's the solution to this tug-of-war against time?
Many consultants recommend time management techniques. It's all a matter of allotting time for the things that are important to you. There's time for work, there's time for play, and then there's time for our family. Some say that time management is not the solution-managing our self is. They say we need to just conduct ourselves gracefully under pressure so as not to crack up. Still other say that self-management is not enough, what is needed is life management. We need to say the direction our lives are headed to be able to act according to our priorities, do we want to be successful career woman or a simple, loving mom that your children can look up to? I think these techniques can work, but then again, these may not.
These are two dimensional strategies, base entirely on time or life expectancy and the person's competencies. Consultants recommend tweaking either one to achieve the perfect order of things. But they forgot a third dimension that's often ignored and that is the person's paradigms.

The common paradigm is that we should strive for the perfect job, the dream home,and the ideal family. In doing so, we fly through life like super-moms and super-wives,and we don't realize that our super expectations are draining our life force. My belief is that we can never be super-anything ( except, maybe,super-tired) because as human beings, we can only strive for perfection but never attain it. this is not a defeatist attitude, it is only an acceptance of our natural imperfections.

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