Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here, hopefully, is everything you wanted to know about hair coloring, but were afraid to ask.

If In have just straightened my hair or have just rebonded it, is it okay for me to have my hair colored after? what if I have just had my hair colored, how long after can I have it straightened or rebonded?
If you have just bad your hair straightened or rebonded, it is best to waith about 2-3 months before using permanent color -- and vice versa. If you absolutely cannot wait that long, you can use a demi-permanent hair color (such as Schwarzkopf's Igora Personality) which washes off over time, to get the color effect you want.

How long does the hair color last?
Permanent hair color lasts until the hair grows out. A demi-permanent hair color fades out after 16-20 shampoos.

When do I need to go back to the salon to retouched after about 2 months to prevent that awkward growth stage -- where the color of your roots will be noticeably different from the color of the rest of your hair. For white hair, retouching every month would work best.

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