Saturday, August 7, 2010

Responsibilities of an Engaged

More are expected of the engaged couple once the announcement have been made. They now assume greater responsibilities to each other and to their families. the couple should now consider these following guidelines to preserve the relationship.

First- is Honesty, sincerity, frankness and credibility as guidelines to preserve the relationship.
2. As husband and wife, to make the band grow stronger, they must accept each other for what they really are as they become more at ease with each other.
3. Trust and loyalty and not suspicion and dislikes should prevail in the relationship.
4. Growing in love and respect for each other means having an agreement on certain issues such as money matters, in-law relationship, where to live, how many children, and other issues affecting and family life.

As a couple learning to listen to your partner stories is a certain patterns of behavior.
2. Respect each other's privacy like the following- not listening on phone conversation, not opening the mail if it is not your own, not prying on wallet etc.
3. Be frank and clear when expressing your values and wants especially on sex, religion, in-laws and other issues regarding family life.
4. When expressing disagreement, be loving and listen openly to what he/she is communicating. You can show by a simple signs, tender touch, glance or gesture what you want to convey to him/her.

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